Chrome steel VINTAGE 60's/70's headset JIS NOS! TL08 04-B01-003-04 5/8/21


Chrome steel vintage 60's / 70's headset, Marque unknown, JIS 27.0 ~ 30.2 NOS! What you see is what you will get! This headset will look GREAT on A frame such as A Jeff Lyon lugged steel or Lug steel ~ fillet braze combo frame @ With the sale of this headset we will provide a 26.4 Fork crown bearing race, it will alter the stack height (Higher) by a little bit but you will have the option of doing 27.0 or 26.4, pictured crown race on the right will be 27.0 / Left side will be 26.4. Only 1 headset available so if in need of such a headset then here you go. This headset was cobbled together from a box that consisted of all the same style / brand of headset parts so after 15 years or so I decided to see what this box was all about and this is what was built from these headset parts! We may be able to cobble up another but it will be with loose ball bearings.