EVERYTHING Derailleurs!

Here you'll find everything that we will have to offer for Derailleurs!

Updated 9/29/22

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SUNTOUR V-LUXE Rear Derailleur 2nd hand. This SUNTOUR Rear Derailleur is roughly 40 years old and is still in EXCELENT CONDITION This is one of the most ROBUST ROAD deraiLleurs ever made and will last another 40 years plus. 

SHIMANO DURA-ACE 7200 ERA Derailleur Body 2nd hand What you see is what you will get. Main body parts will be in very good condition with no major damage, appears to be straight and true, inner side of cage will showvery little chain wear. Need a replacemenr fr your trashed Derailleur main body then here you go.

SHIMANO 500/600 Derailleur set, front mech will be SHIMANO 600 CLAMP-ON / Rear Derailleur will be SHIMANO 500 Both MECHS will be 2nd hand, what you see is what you will get.

SIMPLEX PRESTIGE Vintage 70's/80's Rear Derailleur with hanger 2nd hand, What you see is what you will get, Derailleur pulleys will be in SUPER CONDITION. Please note: Hanger Cannot be removed for use with drop-out that will be with a Derailleur hanger.

ZEUS CRITERIUM Rear Derailleur pulley cage with pullies 2nd hand, inner side of pulley cages will show little to no chain wear.