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COVID 19 info: 8/3/20

INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF THE EU Delivery time can take 20 days to sometimes as long as 45 plus days due to Covid-19. This info has been passed onto us via several of our customers.

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Specializing in the bits and pieces for your vintage bicycle project.

Close update below.

1/8/21 to 30/8/21 We will be Away from the shop, All orders received during this period we will ship once we are back! So if you're in need do place your order before 7/24/21.

SITE UPDATE 6/17/21 

Brakes! - Derailleurs! - shifter!

Site function updates below!

We will have a few small bug issues with this web-site, miss spellings and so on! Example: For some stupid reason the word Criterium, we will list Criterium and sometimes it will revise it's self to Criterion?. The word Levers will revise it 'self to Livers? With our ABOUT US page! Some sections of our stories, there will be repeats of certain sections. I guess you can say, for the very low cost for the hosting of this web-site, we really can't complain very much, anyway in the near future we'll working out some these issues.

Miss priced item updates!

Within our listings there may listings with offer priced listings with type-o's here and there, item's being listed with lower price points than what the item was acquired for, therefor we can not honor the sale of such listed type-o priced selling items. So to say, we reserve the right to refuse the sale of such sold items.