Everything Headsets!

F.T. BOLOGNA Vintage 70's/80's FRENCH Thread 25X1 Headset 2nd hand, CONDITION will be very good, tooling flats will show some tooling marks, bearing races will be as pictured, what you see is what you will get complete with orginal bearings. 

Please note: For installation of loose ball bearing headsets, it is very important for propper frame prep, facing of head tube upper and lower flats and fork crown seat must also be prepped propperly, if not then this headset will not operate propperly, we advise to have these steps to be taken before installation, so to  say have a good bicycle shop perform this work for you. 

CAMPAGNOLO VICTORY Vintage 80's Headset fork crown bearing race NOS! We're checked around to see whether this item is being offered for sale with another dealer and as far as we can see we Renaissance cycle will be the only source for this item, so if in need do get it now because when they are gone they are gone, we'll have 2 available and that will be it for this item.

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