Everything Gear Levers & gear cable guides!

CAMPAGNOLO C RECORD Left side Friction only gear lever NOS! Item to be received will be NOS! NIP! FACTORY SEALED! Well let the buyer to have the honor of breaking this item out of it's packaging.

CAMPAGNOLO VINTAGE 70's Dual down tube gear cable guide some what rare 2nd hand. Ths item will be complete with original NOS mounting hardware, chrome finish will be in good condition.

SIMPLEX Vintage 70's/80's Down tube dual gear cable stop with housing end stops, as need for front derailleurs that will be with a cable/housing stop.  

SIMPLEX Prestige Vintage 70's Down tube Clamp-on gear lever set, friction only 2nd hand.

SUNTOUR Vintage 80's BZ-ON Friction only 5/6/7 SPEED gear LEVER set 2nd hand. All will be needed will be a set of mounting bolts and you're ready to go.