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EDDY MERCKX RACING 25th Anniversary 56cm center to top tube ROAD Bicycle with EASTON 7000 Series TUBING with EASTON with EASTON EC70 Carbon fork, components will be ULTEGRA 9 Speed triple. VUALTA ALLOY Wheels 700c, Handlebars will be ITM CARBON. Do note: Lever plastic upper covers will not be 100% but everything will be in Good working order. Also the top tube will have 2 very small indentations some thing that will be found on older ALUMINUM Bicycles. Sale of this bicycle will include PUMP - WATER BOTTLE & CAGE And BELL. Center to top of seat tube will be 58cm.

Please note: FREE shipping will not apply to this bicycle. Listed price will incude all sending and handling fees via the DUTCH POSTAL system, also note there wil be some limitatons for sending of this bicycle, sending to certain Countries we will have to send via DHL or simular of which the sending fees will be much higher, so if you are wanting to purchase this bicycle please contact us first. 

For safe shipping of this bicycle, it will be dispathed via 2 Boxes, Box #1 will be for the frame only with Bottom Bracket and headset. Box #2 will be wheels and all other components. Also note: Pedals as shown will not be included these are my personal pedals that was used for my test ride of this bicycle.

We Beleive that this bicycle was not available in many parts of the WORLD such as the UNITED STATES, the importer for the U.S. was only importing the very high end $$$ EDDY MERCKX offerings by doing so they killed the EDDY MERCXK Brand for the U.S. Market if your in the U.S. and are an EDDY FAN then here you go.     

EDDY MERCKX 52cm ALLOY TRACK BIKE With CARBON FORK, Center to top of seat tube 54cm. Tubing will be DEDACCIAI FIRE. wHEELS WILL BE Ambrosio EDDY MERCKX 36o with MICHE track hubs and MICHE Crank set, Paint will be in good condition with some minoe scraps on the clear coat finish. Seat post will be 3ttt. Sale of this Bicycle, pedals are not included.

There will be no dings or dent, paint finish will be Bright and sharp. 

This item will not qualify for FREE SHIPPING, Sending of this item will be via the DUTCH Postal system. Sending cost will be included of the posted selling price for this item. Please note: Restrictions will apply with sending of this to certain conuntries, these restricted countries we will need to send via DHL or simular of whaich the sending charges will be higher than the DUTCH Postal service. Before purchasing please contact us first and we will check if which type of sending wil be required for shipment. Also note: For safe transit of this item we will send in 2 boxes, BOX #1 will be the frame set with Bottom bracket and headset, Box #2 Will be with the remaining components.