**SHIMANO 600 EX Gear lever WING NUTS 2X NOS! BXC00K23 02 - 3/23/19 RK12

€21.88 €17.99

SHIMANO 600EX VINTAGE 70's ( HARD CHROME ) STEEL Gear lever wing nuts NOS! HARD CHROME will not be as shiney as show chrome, HARD CHROME wears better and will be last longer than show chrome. 100% SHIMANO ORIGINAL! 3 SETS LEFT! We checked around on the WORLD WIDE NET And this Ooffering appears to be the only offering for this item, there maybe simulars but not these! CODITION WILL BE EXCELLENT CHROME FINISH will be TOP SHELF! WHEN THEY ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE so if in need do get it now! PERFECT for your period correct restoration!