MINOURA Portable Bench mount Work-Stand MINT B33 0001


MINOURA Portable Bench mount WorkStand MINT, Mostly used for display may have been used once or twice but that's about it!  So to say it will show some signs of being fitted. All you'll need will be a sturdy table, mounts in minutes! This stand will be the only kind of it's self out there so if in need of such a stand then here you go. Please note: Best used with road bikes and light weight mt bikes. Great for use with carbon frames the yellow knob can been turned for pressure adjustments. Item to be received will be the display model as is pictured. This stand is well out of production, this stand appears to be with the same head that is will be with the MINOURA W-3100 Work-stand. Yes! This item will ship WORLDWIDE For the LIST price, ALL E.U. Sales are subject to additionl VAT of 21%. Please note! We've searched the net fr this item and it appears that we are the the only source for this stand, will only have a total of 2 of these in inventory so if in need of such a Beast then do get it now.